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Here is a bit about us
Fotdi is a village located in one of the most remote parts of India, Gujarat, Kutch.
It lies 22 kilometres from Bhuj and 3 kilometres from Samatra. Surrounded by vaadis (farm fields) and mountains, it holds at present 800 people.
Many have migrated around the world for work, figures ranging from 400 people in the UK, 10 in America, 25 in Muscat, 10 in Seychelles, 400 in Kenya and still expanding.

Fotdi was first discovered by an ancestor some 250 years ago, who on his travels stopped on this secluded land. He decided to stay there to develop the land, which was originally 1 kilometre in length and width. The land has grown since then and is continuously ever-increasing.

One of the most pleasant aspects of Fotdi gaam is that people there admire it and treat it with respect. Fotdi is well known for being one of the cleanest gaams around, with people living in peace, joy, love and harmony.

Decades ago in Kenya, the Fotdi people used to meet once a year, so that all the letters sent from India were read to everyone. A large number of people turned up to these meetings and eventually in the early 70s, it turned into an annual function and moved to a samaj where a range of entertainment was provided.

Being inspired by these annual events in Kenya, the Fotdi gaam people in the UK began to do the same thing and held the first Fotdi Annual Event in the UK in 1977. Soon after, Fotdi gaam in India followed the same path.
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