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Role Name
Main Committee
President Dinesh Dhanji Khetani
Treasurer Pravin Kanji Bhudia
Vice President Kalpesh Laxman Khetani
Vice Treasurer Laxman Mavji Siyani
Secretary Kanti Murji Hirani
  Bharat Kanji Khetani
Chandrakant Mawji Bhudia
Devji Kanji Bhudia
Kanji Lalji Khetani
Meghji Naran Hirani
Naresh Parbat Siyani
Cultural Programme
  Chetna Kalpesh Khetani
Amrat Dinesh Khetani
Hina Nilesh Khetani
Manju Pravin Bhudia
Mita Dinesh Hirani
Sports Programme
  Deepesh Meghji Hirani
Hitesh Laxman Siyani
Jiten Laxman Siyani
Mitesh Gopal Bhudia
Naresh Parbat Siyani
Situl Rudha Bhudia
Web Team
  Bharat Khetani
Kalpesh Khetani
Past Committee
A very warm thank you to the previous Committee, who chaired the UK Fotdi Senior Committee
6 Years of being Head of Gaam Devji Kanji Bhudia
20 Years of being Head of Gaam Karsan Devshi Bhudia
10 Years of being Head of Gaam Shivji Premji Hirani


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